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Thread: I keep getting 'Power Calibration Errors' : (, you guys have any tips?

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    I keep getting 'Power Calibration Errors' : (, you guys have any tips?

    So far I've tried the freeware that is suggested on this site as well as Nero 7, do only certain DVD-R drives work or something?

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    I have gotten that too, I am not sure why. I have an old NEC that I use for burning, probably 5 or 6 years old now. My newer DL burner works without a hitch, but I still like using my old one, don;t ask me why. I am assuming you are wanting to BURN games... try DeepBurner, it is free and works great burning isos.
    I don't have torrent site invites...

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    Probably not much help, but I had the Power Calibration error last year when burning 360's.
    I must have spent 20+ hours trying to pin down the cause, and I never got a satisfying answer..
    Some people had luck changing media (not me), others flashed their firmware and had success..
    I tried 3 or 4 different burning apps, no luck.
    For me, I finally gave up on my NEC burner, switched to a Pioneer and have had swell results, and I used Nero (6 is the last good version, 7 is bloatware).
    It was the best $30 bucks I ever spent.

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    Yeh your problem is the laser is dying in your burner I got a lovely Pioneer DVR-215D for 21 quid , Burns D/L lovely its great, time to throw out your old burner guys, they do die eventually!.
    Burnin stuff personally, I use imageburn , free! imageburn? now thats the best!!
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