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Thread: USB loader faster?

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    USB loader faster?

    I got a FlatMII. when plug into my computer USB port *ALL* games play perfect. no sound skipping or slowmotion. (SMBB (during video), Quantum solace(in game background music), Mario Galaxy (when pirate ships take princess) etc...)

    My question is, how is it with USB loader. Is it also perfect playback (on the game above) or skip like when using DVD-r?

    My WII is 4U with Flatmii and fully Softmoded. upgrading to 4u did not affect HBC, gamma loader or Wiiware At all

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    USB Loaders are going to read faster than even the retail discs. Load times in games like Animal Crossing from USB are nearly non existant.

    Playback of "movie" sequences like in SSBB are therefore flawless.


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