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Thread: Skins + Rechargable battery

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    Skins + Rechargable battery

    Dear All,

    Just got a Wii on the weekend (love it already!) and I'm looking to get some extras. On the list is a second remote and nunchuk, silicons skins to protect the nunchuks and remotes and rechargable batteries and charging stand for the two remotes.

    My question is - will I have problems with a "skinned" remote and a rechargable battery - i.e. fitting the skinned remote into a charging stand and getting the contacts to connect to a skinned remote. Are their skins/rechargable battery combinations that are designed to work together so everything fits okay? As I'm buying all from scratch, it makes sense to get everything to fit without modification.

    thanks for your help,

    Update: After doing a bit of legwork on Google, I'm getting the impression that no rechargable battery/ charging stations will work with a skinned wiimote - they just won't fit in the charging station. That makes me think it would make more sense to use a skin on the wiimote and use a pair of normal rechargeable AA batteries instead of a battery pack - I will still need to take the skin off to swap out the batteries to charge them up. Any thoughts?
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    I agree. I use rechargeable energizer batteries. No need for a charging station.

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    i got a charging station of ebay... it was called a 7 in 1 for wii...

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    Yes I see those charging stations but I would imagine that they still won't be able to fit a wiimote with a skin on it.


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