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Thread: Ocarina is not working on backup launcher 0.3 gamma

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    Post Ocarina is not working on backup launcher 0.3 gamma

    Ok so none of my backup games work with ocarina on backup launcher 0.3. ive put ocarina on in the config options, but nothings happening. ive used ocarina before on the homebrew channel and all my cheats worked fine with my original games. i know how and where to put the gct so thats not the problem. and would it being a wad channel having something to do with it? and if you could, please post links to better backup launchers.


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    I have the exact same problem. Backup Launcher 0.3 Gamma used to work fine with my backups but now every time I try to load Gamma, it stays as a black screen. I even tried holding 1 down while loading it but nothing works.

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    me too, i've even downgraded my wii hoping for it to start working. also when i try rebooting with hooks, it says error loading menu.


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