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Thread: Indiana Jones Green Screen

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    Indiana Jones Green Screen

    HI...I just downloaded full iso of indiana jones...i brickblock the update and remove error 002 with wii scrubber..but when i load the game it shows green screen..i read that it is a region problem...
    I have wii ntsc japan...and the game is ntsc...all my other ntsc game no prob..
    I have modchip..firmware 3.2 and gecko os 1.07b...
    when i load the game first i tried the option region free but no change..then i try force ntsc still no change...
    plzzz help me...i'm eager to play that game...

    when i have homebrew and modchip
    can i still load a game from the disc channel?
    Can i load game from gamma loader to prevent error 002?

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    The green screen is caused from playing an out of region game. Not all games can be played out of region. Simply get the right region copy of the game.

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    how about using the any region changer will it work?

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    If you have a mod chip just burn to disk for now and it will work.
    You do not need all of that mobo jumbo crap to run it.

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    that's what i did...burn to disc and use gecko os 1.07b to load the disc as usual but green screen only...

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    any help plzzzzzz..

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    Well I am on PAL and had the same problem, but I installed this WAD and it works fine.

    2shared - download Disc Channel.rar

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    so u use wad on modchip?

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    has anyone loaded this game with gecko os 1.09?

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    Hi,had same prob..tried everything i could think of and read up on,no joy......BUT THEN...........i read the thread for 'NEOGAMMA r4 loader'

    you must have Homebrew (modded Wii) i assume you can access the SD card with PC or LTop and have wad manager installed (if not,download wad manager 1.4)


    I used Wii scrubber kit to remove 002 error on the Iso Indiana Jones,then burned to DVD,put it in but don't load

    Download cIOS38 rev13 installer folder

    get it here
    (click the download that is just below the 'search' box in the middle of the page)
    Open the file, change the name of the 'cIOS38_rev13-installer.dol' to ' boot.dol' place the whole file in the Apps folder on your SD card,run installer in Homebrew and select NETWORK for installation.......(if not connected to internet,download IOS38 64 v3610.wad as well,put this in your Wad folder on SD card and place the above installer in Apps, now choose' wad ' as installation instead of network)
    This will show up as IOS249 r13 in the load screen,it is now modified,that is what we want

    (the boot.dol file must be inside a folder and then put into the apps folder...................if you do not have a folder downloaded,but have the cIOS38 file,you will have to make a NEW it cIOS38_rev13-installer..............and place the RENAMED file,into it...............then put THIS folder into the apps on your SD card)

    Download NeoGamma r4 loader
    place this wad in the Wad file on you SD card and install with wad manager in Homebrew

    After installing the NeoGamma r4 loader with Homebrew,i loaded NeoGamma from main Wii screen,went to REGION OPTIONS and selected the following - patch video-ALL, vidtv patch-YES........back to menu and into
    CONFIG OPTIONS and selected anti 002 fix-YES

    return to menu and launch game on DVD........screen flashes green,then black.....then loads game

    Seems alot,but once done,everything is ready to play these games,just load with neogamma and follow above steps for the latest 002 fixed Iso's

    (remove 002 from Iso AND enable 002 fix in neogamma)
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