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Thread: NeoGamma and Forwarder Channel

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    NeoGamma and Forwarder Channel

    Neogamma backup loader is a must-have to play your backups off of DVDR, though it plays off of USB and can load some Gamecube games too providing you have the hacked mios. Download the latest HBC version and forwarder channel here:


    R8 beta 17 - > R8 RC1:

    - updated cIOS warnings for cIOS rev17
    - Hopefully fixed code dumps on exit if launched from a channel
    - Added autoboot code(but disabled, no official version will have this enabled)

    R8 beta 16 - > R8 beta 17:

    - added .wip file for japanese New Super Mario Bros
    - re-enabled manual 001 fix for alternative .dol loading from storage for cIOS rev < 14
    - changed 002 code for IOS Version patched games again, works at least on not IOS Reloading 002 games that are patched

    R8 beta 15 - > R8 beta 16:

    - updated cIOS warnings
    - included a gameconfig.txt for Brawl+ (if you get one together with the .gct file, use that one and not the one from NeoGamma)

    R8 beta 14 - > R8 beta 15:

    - Fixed code dump when poking values from gameconfig.txt

    R8 beta 13 - > R8 beta 14:

    - Changed Ocarina code a little more to match Gecko OS' code

    R8 beta 12 - > R8 beta 13:

    - Removed New Super Mario Bros patches
    - Added support to apply patches in form of .wip on the fly to the main.dol
    - Changed storage handling
    - fixed another stupid bug in NeoGamma's Ocarina code

    R8 beta 11 - > R8 beta 12:

    - Repaired New Super Mario Bros patch for both PAL&NTSC, but still no discs

    R8 beta 10 - > R8 beta 11:

    - Patch updated to work with New Super Mario Bros NTSC too

    R8 beta 9 - > R8 beta 10:

    - not shutting down storage if Ocarina is enabled(Gecko OS does the same)

    R8 beta 8 - > R8 beta 9:

    - updated code handler to latest version

    R8 beta 7 - > R8 beta 8:

    - The code handler init should be in the proper place now ==> Brawl+ might actually work now

    R8 beta 6 - > R8 beta 7:

    - beta 6 had the wrong disc id for NSMB

    R8 beta 5 - > R8 beta 6:

    - Experimental patch for New Super Mario Bros added

    R8 beta 4 - > R8 beta 5:

    - gameconfig is searched on the same device as Ocarina now

    R8 beta 3 - > R8 beta 4:

    - Added partial gameconfig parsing code
    - Next try to fix 002 on IOS Version patched games

    R8 beta 2 - > R8 beta 3:

    - fixed Ocarina
    - expermental 002 fix that should work for IOS Version patched games
    - warning if hook was not patched)

    R8 beta 1 - > R8 beta 2:

    - Rebooter should work on preloader
    - Maybe fixed that Ocarina did not work at all
    - Dirty Brawl+ compatiblity

    R7 - > R8 beta 1:

    - new Wiird / Ocarina engine
    - Changed rebooter code
    - Changed entrypoint to 0x80dfff00 (should change alternative .dol loading compatibility)
    - Skip disc updates for PAL/US 3.2, 4.0 and 4.1
    - Safe memory allocation (important for files loaded from nand)
    - Removed not game loading or rebooter related code
    - Removed receiving commands from usb gecko
    - Changed to graphics from Empyr69er

    Download Neogamma r8 rc1 HBC





    Download Forwarder channel

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    Works on my wii well the only error i get is bc i dont have neogamma/boot.dol anywhere on my sd but the channel loaded to that anyways!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dogeggs View Post
    seein as I have no wii can someone pls test it for me?
    And where is your wii good sir?

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    thx cb - @trekster - I gave my wii to a friend with kids (i won it), she only lives round the corner but i sometimes wish i kept it!

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    nice, but why the kidspaint thing for the channel animation? anyoned have a neogamma forwarder channel that looks professional with nice animated graphics ?

    P.S. other than neogamma, which other backup launcher would you recommend ?

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    Just tried it and it could'nt find the file on the sd yet I have neo gamma on my homebrew channel
    just press any button and it rebooted the wii
    My wii is 4.0E softmod previously 3.4

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    kidspaint? hmmm better take another look at it....edit - 5 days and 26 downloads before someone points out that it has a kidspaint icon!! lol! its fixed now, thx zomby
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    since we are talking about creating channels using wadder, I would love to have a guitarfun channel. Well actually I already have one but since guitarfun is not made to return back to the wii menu, when you go to quit guitarfun, you have to hard reset it.

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    ok, Ill give it a try

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    Worked Great!! I installed it with WadManager 1.4 on a 4.0U. I softmodded a friends Wii and needed an easier way for her to use backup discs without her having to load HomeBrew then into a few different menus. This will work perfectly for her.


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