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Thread: usbloader backup question

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    usbloader backup question

    before posting I tried searching and didnt find anything. so i apologize in advance if posted here before (i suck at searching)

    is there a way to copy the hdd that i use on my wii, i purchased another hdd and i want use this one instead and not have back up all my games again

    thank you

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    Yeah man its pretty easy.

    There are a ton of wii pc tools out there now but I use WBFS Manager has a "clone drive" button that automatically copies it, or you can do it manually 1 game at a time.

    Ive set up about 5 diff drives with this and works pretty well.

    good luck and if I helped ya click thanks pls

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    thank you so much

    actually had to make some changes through admin tools but got it to work, made things so much easier

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    That app also can retitle the games too

    glad to help!


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