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Thread: Where is the latest version of CIOS.

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    Where is the latest version of CIOS.

    Ok first off lemme start by saying i have looked ... for hours and cannot find the new versions anywhere. Maybe im just not using the right places but i cannot find it. Also im not a complete idiot, i have modded other consoles and also i got the Wii modded just want to update it. The reason is because im trying to use USB Loader GX and it wont load all my games. It only works on a handfull. So i am assuming i need to update my mod. Now here is where im confused on it though. So apprently there are IOS's and CIOS's and wads and ect... im not exactly sure what i need to update. From what i understand you cant really update IOS's but you can CIOS's, so i guess i need a new CIOS. Can someone point me to the direction of the latest version?

    Also if u have any helpful sources or tips i would appreciate it. Thanks.

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    Thanks, but thats the version i have. Guess i should have posted that info. Or maybe its something different i need to change. Here is the nfo i have on what ive got.

    If i go to the HBC and about it says
    IOS61 v.19.26
    Under Wii Settings in the upper right it says 4.0U

    Thanks for the help.


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