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Thread: USB Loader Rockband Instruments

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    USB Loader Rockband Instruments

    Hi everyone! My first post here

    I'm pretty new to the Wii deving comunity, so I'm kind of confused about everything IOS-related. However, I've managed to get a USB loader (CoverFloader, to be exact) working nicely. Now, I just got a Rockband microphone, and it doesn't seem to work. Apparently, this is a problem with one of the IOS revisions in combination with USB loading. There's a lot of information flying around online, some claim it is true, others claim it is flawed. Here's what I'm curious about:

    1. Is there a way to get my USB microphone to work at the same time as I am playing a game off of a USB drive?

    2. If not, will burning the game to a DVD fix the microphone problem? And will I be able to play the DVD at all? (I don't have a modchip. I'm running System Menu 3.1U, and I installed Homebrew Channel via the Bannerbomb exploit.)

    Thanks for your time!

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    If you upgrade to cIOS38_rev12 on up I believe that may fix your problem - you have to plug your HD into the bottom USB port and your Mic in the upper one.

    cIOS38_rev13 (AKA cIOS38_rev13a) will also let run all the new games off USB Loader GX (haven't tried coverflow but as long as it has the 002 fix it should) - the only drawback to 13 is you need to power down the wii between games.

    cIOS38_rev13b doesn't load a lot of games but may also work.

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    on Guitar Hero I have to have a Wiimote synced and not plugged into an instrument to be able to select vocals. Also may help to have the usb drive plugged into the bottom usb port (wii in horizontal position) and plug the mic in before starting the game.
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