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Thread: Wasabi DX - New To Modding

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    Us Wasabi DX - New To Modding


    So, I finally received my Wasabi DX today and I have had great success so far! For some reason, on a couple burns (zelda and Mario) I got an error at first but tried again a little later and was successful. I'm trying to get PAL to work, but have failed so far with that.. I can play both NTSC and PAL games with this modchip right?


    Madworld [PAL] (4x and 16x)= FAIL (goes to start screen but goes black after)
    Zelda:TP (4x)= OK
    Super Paper Mario (16x)= OK
    Wario Land: Shake It! (16x)= OK
    Cooking Mama (16x)= OK

    I'm using RawDump2.1 and IMGBurn. I'm using Verbatim DVD-R discs at 4x and 16x write speed. (Wii Firmware: 4.0U)
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