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Thread: Hacked Wii tries to load disk all the time and eject issues

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    Arrow Hacked Wii tries to load disk all the time and eject issues

    I wanted to add USB loader functionality to my wii. I knew I had to update my IOS, so I did the following:

    1. I mistakingly updated my mIOS (the app downloaded the latest one from the net). I don't know if this is the cause to my problem. I didn't notice that I was updating the mIOS, and not the cIOS. What's mIOS anyway?

    2. I installed cIOS 249 rev 10.

    3. I installed USB loader 1.5 and some variants.

    However, after this (I don't know from which step), my Wii make this repetive sound from the moment I press the ON button. It comes from the tray, it's the same sound that comes when you want to insert a CD, but it only last one second, but it repeats every 2 seconds. This only happens when I don't have a disc inside, which I avoid now because it's really hard to get the disc out. The eject button almost never works, but if I press it many times, the Wii randomly ejects the Wii.

    My Wii has also a D2PRO9 chip installed, but was working perfectly until these updates.

    Anyone got some ideas about what the problem is? I really don't have a clue on this one.
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    no ideas, but thats really weird. maybe try using cios38 rev13a? don't know if its usb compatible, should be though, i recommend 13a, 13b is still a little broken. i doubt cios is doing that, is it only happening on boot?

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