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Thread: Discs doesn't enter and USB Loader fails

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    Discs doesn't enter and USB Loader fails

    Hi, I had a wii for about a week. It has a Wasabi Zero with Wiiclip. Today when I turned it on, it wouldn't swallow the discs It doesn't do that sound of checking if it has a disc when it's turned on either.
    The only thing I've done to my wii is to install the USB Loader 1.5 (2 days ago), so I could have all my games in a HHD. When I realized the discs didn't work I decided to use the USB Loader, but when I try to boot a game from my HDD it says "An error has occurred please press the eject button and remove the disk. Turn the wii console off and refer to the manual", but there isn't a disk inside or anything!
    I'm desperated, I hope some of you can help me. I can't go to one of those places where they repair wiis because the nearest one is in another city.

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    recheck your wasabi zero and wii-clip (genuine wiiclip or wasabi clip), open up

    your wii and turn on the power and check diagnostics lights...

    more than likely your clips is not aligned or pressed down properly

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