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Thread: Problems with backup and confused

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    Problems with backup and confused

    Alright guy, I installed the homebrew channel a couple a days ago and so far its great. But Im having trouble with the backup loader. I downgraded to 3.2U and installed the DVDX for 3.4 because 3.2 didnt want to load Cios249 and got nothing. Tried putting in a backup and got DVD error 349 or 324. Then I Tried using Backup Loader Gamma and the same. Am I missing something, did I not install something properly. I been to alot of sites and they all have different thing to fix the problem. Please help.

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    Download this, put it in your apps directory. Rename the .dol file to 'boot.dol'

    Download this,

    and place it into the root directory of your sdcard. Run the installer, default options are fine (install as 249). Restart your wii and test your back-up launcher. Should fix your problems.


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