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Thread: Punch-Out problems

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    Us Punch-Out problems

    Hello! I am having trouble running my backup of Punch-Out!
    I am running system 3.2U with Homebrew Channel 1.0.3 IOS61v19.26
    Using Backup Loader the game starts up just fine but when I knock Glass Joe down and he starts to get up the game always freezes at that exact moment and I get the following error message:

    The game disc could not be read. Refer to the Wii operations manual for details.

    Earlier I couldn't even get that far but after running WAD manager with some other IOSs I could at least start to fight the first competitor. Any suggestions?
    I have read several of the other posts regarding this title and am still perplexed.

    Thank you!

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    I heard you need to either change the IOS or patch it. I am not sure which but if you still have the iso file on your computer, if you download IOSpatcher and open the file "with" iospatcher and tell me the ios number, I can tell you what needs to be done

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    Thank you for your reply! I am one of those pesky Mac users so I do not believe the .exe will run for me. I have one of the older G4 Macs that does not bootm Windows. Are there any patch apps for Mac?

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    Could always just install VMWare if you're that desperate. You wont need to burn the iso or anything inside of windows, so it's not like you'll need it working 100%. Will just need XP to boot really.

    Plus you'd get access to all the other utilities, like Brickblocker, WuM, RegionFrii.. etc..etc..
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    I did not intend to come off as desperate. That would have involved some sort of begging, I would think. Well, things work great now so now worries. I used my internal burner rather than an external and that seemed to do the trick Mac-wise. Peace.

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    Sometimes being on a Crapple Macintrash has its disadvantages. We're a multi-platform home here. I've found that the super drive in the G-4 is an excellent drive for making backups. It may be slower than your external but much more reliable.

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    ah394496 go download VMware fusion which has a free trial then download a vm of windows. Might help you out in the future

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    Punch out worked great for me. no issues running 3.2u back up loader 1.5 from HDD

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    Install the following;

    and your problems are gone....


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