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Thread: Getting free VC games on 4.0?

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    Getting free VC games on 4.0?

    How do I get free VC games on 4.0? I have wad manager 1.4 iso35 cios rev 10 already installed so will this affect it?

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    Hi Dragonfly......

    dont worry, nothing will be 'affected'

    You just need to download the games as .wad files, then install with wad manager 1.4 and they will appear on your wii menu as a channel, BUT....

    ............................make sure to get the correct region or region free .wad or you'll find some trouble

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    Ok so everything worked out ok but I when I went to the wii setting it didnt let me copy to the sd card. Is it because I went to wad manager 1.4 and chose ios35 or it doesnt matter what ios it is in?


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