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Thread: Zelda: impossible to burn?

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    Zelda: impossible to burn?

    hi guys

    i read a lot in this forum and i think i know everythink about burning .iso-files.
    i burned 2 games successfull, a GC game and a normal Wii game (redsteel).
    ok but this is my problem:

    i downloaded "The Legend of Zelda-Twilight Princess" for Wii twice and both doent work.

    the first (i am not sure if it is PAL or NTSC) had 4.37 GB (like red steel, that worked)
    i burned it several times. with the verbatim DVD-R (one time with speed 2x and one time with 16x). i put in the Wii and when i start the game, i just get a blackscreen that doenst go away.
    also burned it with other DVD-R, doesned work, too.

    so i thought i download an other version of The Legend of Zelda-Twilight Princess.
    i downloaded, but this time i had to join the .001 - .046 files with HJ-Split.
    joined them, and it was a Wii-file. so i unscrambled it, but the .iso just had 3.54 Gb. also burned it, but when i put the DVD in the Wii it said i should put it out, restart my Wii and read the manuel. (or something like that, i just know the german text)

    so is this game just not campatible with my wii?
    did i make mistakes?
    i use WiiKey

    i tried to explain my problem in detail, hope you can follow

    if you have any idea, please help
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    I can give you some info you shall love as a zelda fan go to and boom there is over 150 zelda games waiting for you to play!!and you can even make a zelda game with this same tool.As for what you were asking I don't think there whould be a downloading zelda games through that other method you replyed but??

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    EDIT OH MY SRY!^^ i though i was in an other forum
    ehm so here again : this time in english

    thx for the site:P

    but i dont understand you last question :\

    i used my methods and i want to know if there is a mistake or why its not working or if the game is just not able to run on my Wii. thats all=)
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    Please talk normal I and other members can't understand you when you talk like that

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    sry^^ i edited^^

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    Yes I know I gave you the following chosies/awnsers:

    1.Try you can make and play your own zelda games and you can play other peoples zelda games:100% free don't even have to join

    2.It must just be the way you did it becuse WHY whould others work but tp not make sure your not missing anything!thats what I can offer you the type matters the place you got it from matters just look around for any thing you mite of missed becuse I know ppl who downloaded it fine
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    i burned it seccessfuly on a DVD+R at 2x. finished the game. its great. im not sure why its not working for u. u should check if ur wii is EU or US. when u find out u should get the game for that version only cause the other wont work. hope this helps

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    this site maybe will help you come in :)

    Wii Region Patcher Compatibility List - WikiTemp

    i think you need to download the version of your console if you have NTSC so download zelda NTSC Version
    Good luck


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