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    Question Lu64 ios

    Short: Hi, I have a LU64 v4.0u Wii. Is it safe to install IOS53, IOS55, and Patched IOS60? I already have the LU64 Fix and I have IOS249.

    Long: Hi, I have a LU64 v4.0u Wii. I have the LU64 Fix and have installed the IOS249 correctly so I can now install SOME wiiware wad games. However, some (like Bit.Trip Beat and World of Goo) will not install (I get a ret=-1022 error). I have found out that I need IOS53/55 to install Bit.Trip Beat and I was wondering is it safe to install it on my LU64 Wii. Also, I want to boot wiiware games off my sd card so I need the Patched IOS60. Is it safe to install on my LU64? Thanks for your time.

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    bump, I'd like to know as well if I can patch IOS60 on LU64 Wii safely (to boot wiiware/VC games off SD card).
    As of now, launching those from SD card give an error : "failed to launch".

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    yes you can safely install a patched ios60 on your LU64+, you should already have 53/55, if you haven't get the latest rev of them.
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