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Thread: Upgrade to 4.0u or Not

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    Upgrade to 4.0u or Not

    Hi All,

    I've recently modded my wii which is running on 3.2u right now. Everything works.

    I am wondering if I should upgrade the system menu to 4.0u. It it worth it? Does it make a difference if you are on 3.2u or 4.0u? I know some guys require 4.0u, but is there a way to make them work even still at 3.2u?


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    I have 3.2U also. I wont change for 3 reasons. 1. All the games I have burned (over 140) all work. 2. I like how starfall works. 3. Because I have read about people either bricking their wii or some programs no longer working when they upgraded to 4.0. But this is only my opinion.

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    Thanks ... I will stick with my 3.2u ... it's been working perfectly ... btw ... how do I check if starfall is installed and working ??? also, is it safe to turn on internet because i heard wii will update automatically

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    wii does not update automatically, 4.0 literally affects NOTHING and thats updating through official nintendo update. I was on 3.2 my wii was doing some strange stuff so i figured the only way to fix this was to update and it did. 4.0 is ok, SD channel is nice. I might downgrade but i have preloader and cios38 rev13a installed and everything is working great. all i had to do was patch ios60 so i could use wads on the sd channel. if you like 3.2 stay with it, if it ain't broke don't fix it. i wouldn't have updated but things were haywire and i exhausted every resource to fix it, last resort was to update


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