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Thread: [Possible] Wii System Update 4.1

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    Lightbulb [Possible] Wii System Update 4.1

    with the release of wii motion plus in just about a month, i started to think what if with the release of wii motion plus Nintendo decided to update, to better allow M+, thus wii system update 4.1. to me this sounds perfectly plausible they have a real reason to update now, and in the process update their IOS to block some homebrew, perfect hide. u think ur getting a nice little update to better allow M+ while they work at blocking you from pirating those wads, and in the end they win. good or bad, i believe M+ may bring us upon wii system update 4.1, NECESSARY to use M+ and play wii sports resort. that being said it will probaly come in the form of a required update, on the wii sports resort disc, or maybe on the Conduit, we'll see wat happens next month! feel free to share any comments below!

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    well you may be right, but system menu 4.0 really didn't do anything except add sd card menu. I don't think nintendo is looking to block homebrew because in reality they already lost that war. you can stay on 3.2 and every single game to this point will function on it. if they start requiring menu updates to play games, then sure they will have us by the balls like PSP did (until dax released a new cfw ) It's so far gone as far as blocking homebrew, they might as well not even try anymore. if you take all the compatible titles, about 500 or so NTSC games, on 3.2 and never update, homebrew wins. unless something INCREDIBLE comes out thats worth it to update, you can stick to 3.2 with homebrew and usb loading and backup launching and such. but again only if that incredible piece of software requires a menu update would you need to. it seems the inner workings of the wii are well understood by the elite coders (waninkoko and wiigator) of the wii scene, and we will always be a step ahead because we can enjoy all the stuff we can do now, wait until the system is hacked again and be back in the same spot but up to date. as consoles become more like pcs, they will be used for homebrew stuff and pirated stuff. just a matter of time and what you will be able to do once its hacked

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    i completly agree, ninty will never win but 4.1 will probaly come soon anyway...

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    Had an odd series of events last night which have left me a little bemused. Relatively new to the whole modding thing so may be completely off track.

    Brought a mates Wii home last night to softmod using bannerbomb and instructions from this page NEW AND IMPROVED WII SOFTMOD GUIDE !

    First tried to connect to the web and couldn't so tried on my own Wii which I had modded and upgraded to 4.0 last week. It said a new update was available. I obviously declined but this lead me to wonder, if my wii is already on 4.0, what's this new update? Had a scout around the web but found nothing.

    Anyone else noticed this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigsy View Post
    Anyone else noticed this?
    You're asked to update whenever you test the internet settings.

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    There's no sign of 4.1 yet. Motion plus will be included in the games. Games having support for it are already coming out. No update for your Wii is necessary at the moment.

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    I really want to buy some games on Wii shop channel.....

    I have tons of wiiware points... I can't get in the store cuz i can't update my system. I have a modded wii (no chip i don't think...just software)- does backups and stuff (bootloader). what do you recommend that I do?

    I've tried doing the update but it comes up wiht some error code...

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    wii shop 4.rar

    install these and you will have shop 4.0.

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    duuuuude. thanks. how do i install it though? lol.

    put it on a usb flash drive and stick it in the back?

    burn it on a CD?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hyogen View Post
    duuuuude. thanks. how do i install it though? lol.

    put it on a usb flash drive and stick it in the back?

    burn it on a CD?
    ur joking right............... if your not u should like look around the threads.........

    This time i made sure....

    I'm gonna help you

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