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Thread: Hard drive not recognized anymore...

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    Ca Hard drive not recognized anymore...

    Hey All. I just updated to CIOS38 rev 13b, and now USB loader won't recognize my drive. I had upgraded to play the new Indiana Jones game, but now i can't access any of my games on the HDD.

    Any help??

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    So, i switched back to an older CIOS (CIOS36 rev 10) and the HDD is recognized fine and every game boots EXCEPT the Indiana Jones game that I read i had to upgrade for...

    Any help is appreciated.

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    What ret error do you get? I assume -1. Install rev 13b, and when you run the usb loader, swith the USB slot your HD is plugged into. Also, try removing the SD card.

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    Will Try. Thx.

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    Suggestion about changing the USB port worked. Thanx alot. I am still back to square one with the game though. The new Indiana Jones game freezes on a green screen?

    Any ideas?

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