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Thread: My Wii is flashing BLUE..IS THEIR A NEW UPDATE!!

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    My Wii is flashing BLUE..IS THEIR A NEW UPDATE!!

    Okay..been playing Boom Blox for about an hour and my BLUE Light started flashing on my their update waiting to be downloaded???? Has anyone else got this.????

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    flashing while the wii is still on?

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    4.0 is still the latest. if there was a new update, we would know about it. just turn of wiiconnect24 etc...

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    Check to see if you have new mail.

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    I do know that the console will flash blue when you have it turned off because of a setting you can change.

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    Both of my Wii were flashing blue as well. I had a message that said there was an update ready for my Wii. I am on 4.0U, After opening the message and saying no thanks to the update the Wii stopped flashing.

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    I keep wiiconnect24 off when I'm not using it....only turn it on to go online. Thought mine was broke when it first did that...


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