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Thread: Wii Softmod + Downgrade Question

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    Red face Wii Softmod + Downgrade Question

    Hello everyone,

    I read this link:

    It made me wonder since I also read FW 3.2 is best. Does it make sense to downgrade to 3.2 when my new Wii comes with 4.0E ?
    Will there be benefits or will I loose certain functionality?
    I hope someone can help me answer these questions.
    Thank you in advance

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    3.2 is over hyped. Basically all it does is add double redundancy for blocking updates. Which, if you use brickblock on your backups, is really triple redundancy.

    If you can get 4.0 doing what you want it to do, which I assume is load back ups, there's no reason to go to 3.2. Other than you can install fancy pants stuff to make your Wii menu look different. Because who among us doesnt spend hours a day looking at the Wii menu..
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    yeah 4.0 is cool, if it works don't break it. i got that tip a long time ago from this forum, and its true. i decided to fool with other stuff one time and had 2 full days of headaches trying to figure out my problem. if everything is working, stop thinking everything else looks cool, like we all do

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    Thank you both for the replies!
    I asked this because I'm planning to softmod it like this:
    1. Get Homebrew installed (as shown for virigin 4.0 tutorial)
    2. Get BootMii installed to make a backup of my Wii
    3. Install Ciosrev13 through the wad manager after having placed those in the apps folder on the SD card.
    4. Install USB Loader GX

    I was not sure if I should downgrade to 3.2 for better performance or safer modding..
    This way I hope to be able to backup my Wii through bootmii and play backups through a USB drive.
    I'm still a bit noob at this but with the tutorials I found here I hope to do it..
    Again. Thank you for the replies.

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    Hey Guys,

    I am working on soft modding my wii as well

    I really like this USB Loader GX. I saw video on youtube it can download 3d game covers, I have seen wiiflow which allows you to spin the cover around 360 degrees so you can see the back of the box cover, does it do the same thing in USB Loader GX?

    I also noticed in the youtube video that USB Loader GX supports FAT/FAT32, does this mean that I don't need to reformat my HDD, I have a 500GB 7200 RPM USB 2.0 external HDD. In the FAT32 format loaded with loads of movie backups of my dvd collection in ISO's, and audio and pictures. I don't want to delete any of this and would prefer not to have to create a partition in wbfs format for wii backups. So will the wii using the USB Loader GX be able to now see the contents of this HDD in fat32?

    Also once dvdx is installed on my wii can I play dvd isos? and will they work with menus? I take it the wii cannot play back dolby digital 5.1 sound?

    Many many thanks in advance
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    Golabago, USB Loader GX supports FAT/FAT32 only to store covers and other information, it still requires WBFS to store the actual backups. You'll need to create a partition in the unused space and make it the primary partition for it to work with any USB loader.

    You won't get 5.1 sound out of your Wii.

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    DVDX is an app that runs in the background. You need an actual media player to play movies. I use MPlayer CE v0.62. From what the instructions on installing it say that you need to install a cIOS and you have to be using the DVDX installer for system menu 3.2 and 3.3. Read more here - MPlayer CE 0.62 plays DVDs, and movies in AVI, DIVX, XVID. But I was disappointed when i couldn't play an audio CD. Just another bonus to having system menu 3.2 installed.

    EDIT - I plugged in my Seagte FreeAgent 1TB HD with my movies on it and MPlayer wouldn't recognize it (probably because it's not FAT format), but it did recognize my 8GB sandisc thumb drive.
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    Many thanks for your reply

    I checked out that link and could not find any information about it being able to play dvd menus, do you know if this is possible? Or planned later?

    Also if you were to connect a HDD to the wii and if it was formatted in either fat/fat32/wbfs then could the media player read dvd isos, vobs?

    Lastly, as the wii runs linux can it get a port of xbmc, is anyone working on it?

    Many thanks in advance


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