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Thread: Install Problem WiiKey2 w/ Wii Clip (Red LED)

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    Unhappy Install Problem WiiKey2 w/ Wii Clip (Red LED)

    So just a couple days ago I got a WiiKey 2 with a v14 WiiClip pre-soldered from Canadamods (their site appears to be down, otherwise I'd be emailing them). I'm having a problem installing it. It appears to clip on ok, and I've looked at the pins thru a magnifier and they all look ok, but I always just get the solid red LED (ie, doesn't work). I've got a D2E drive, and the chip looks to be soldered on the a,b,c and g points. I'm thinking about just buying a soldering iron and removing the clip and soldering it in, but it would have been nice (would be nice) to get this working without having to do that, as I don't have much (barely any) soldering experience and obviously I wouldn't have bothered to buy it with the clip if that's what I had intended. I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas? Thanks in advance!

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    wiikey2 clip install

    you did not fit the clip properly before gently pressing it down.... and / or it not seated all the way down

    if you are not useing a strong magnifier..the clip will always look ok...

    try looking at it with a strong magnifying glass..

    if you see some damage like pins recessed too much..gently stick a needle behind the pin it the recess and push it towards the center a very, very small amount.

    also check all the recessed in the clip..even the empty ones..if the is any clip debris must clear that out too

    good luck

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    I'll pm you.. maybe i can help..

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    I am having the exact same problem with mine I put the clip all the way down and all the pins seem to be ok I have a D2C chip...


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