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Thread: Drivekey, so easy to install !!!!

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    Drivekey, so easy to install !!!!

    As the 1st year warranty is well in the past, i thought what the heck, give it a go.

    Got my Drivekey yesterday
    I am useless at fiddly electrical things but boy was this easy.
    If you are thinking shall i sharn't i ? Just do it

    I burnt a couple of games yesterday, Punch Out and Grand Slam tennis using imgbrn and Traxdata Discs DVD-r's, burned at 1x and they both worked perfecto.

    All in All, great stuff

    A question though, is the default settings of the Drivekey menu good enough as i dont want to install any game updates ?



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    Its likely set to block out of region updates, if you don't want to install any updates you will have to go into the menu and change it to block All instead of out of region


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