I have a Drivekey chip, which works fine with verbatium dvd's.. I can rip original wii games to my ext usb drive (WD 320 gig) and they play fine. I can also copy the iso using WBFS from the external drive and burn it to a dvd and it plays fine..

The problem I am having is that when I try to rip a copied game using wannikoko's usb loader 1.5 to the usb drive, it stalls almost every time. I have only managed to rip maybe 5 copied dvd's using the wii drive to usb.

I am not complaining (happy to be able to get it to work using WBFS), just would be alot quicker to be able to rip copied games directly from the wii to usb.

Anyone else having trouble ripping copied games using the wii drive to usb?