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Thread: Questions About Burning Dual Layer Games.

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    Questions About Burning Dual Layer Games.

    So I would like to make Backups for some games that are Dual Layers (Mario Kart, SSBB, and SMG) But I am not certain exactly the steps I need to do.

    How do I know if my Burner Can Burn Dual Layer Discs. I have one that Can do CD/DVD and Lightscribe and one That can Burn Blu-Ray, DvD, CD.

    I usually Use Nero 8 to burn my ISO files, what options do I have to activate to let it know to burn a Dual Layer disc?

    Any other tips or steps while burning that are important for burning dual layer?

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    Chances are your drive is capable of burning Dual Layer Discs. I would use IMGBURN to make backups instead of Nero 8. You should read this guide, it will probably answer most if not all of your question. Oh and the SEARCH function in this forum is VERY USEFUL...

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    Tried to search function before posting "dual layer disc" and just got back posts for People trying to get DvD5 instead of DvD9 version of SSBB, which games are dual layer, and other slight errors, none really pertaining to the specifics of how to know if your dvd burner is capable fo doin dual layer and how to burn on Nero.
    Thanks however for letting me know of another burner and guide to it =)

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    FRom what I know there only TWO games that are dual layer currently. SSBB and the other name escapes me at the moment. Mario Kart and Galaxy are not dual layer.....

    Do a search to find out the steps for the layer break. The layer break in SSBB is not copied automatically. You have to specify where to make the break for the copy to work correctly. I own the original and play the copy off USB loader so I couldn't tell you from experience where the break is.

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    imm nu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Isn't there something special about Mario Kart though because I heard it wont play cgi scenes or have trouble with single player.

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    The layer break for SSBB should be set to 2084960. I made a coaster by neglecting to put that in, once I put it in to ImgBurn settings it burnt great and played flawlessly.

    I can't remember where the setting goes in ImgBurn though since I've only needed to use it once.

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    The option for layer break will show in the settings once you pop in the dual layer disc. Just remember to get dvd-r dl and not dvd+r dl. The +r dl are "double layer" and the -r dl are "dual layer". You can use double layer instead of dual layer as long as you change the booktype to -r. And the problem with that is not all drive brands are "supported" if you use imgburn. Youll know what I mean if you ever have to change the booktype.

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    I recommend you use IMGburn to burn wii discs. I just use the default settings and set the speed 4x. I have burned SMG, MK, and SSBB without problems, with Windata DVD -Rs

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    Yea but I do know that with SSBB you must have the layer break set just right or else youll have a coaster.

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