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Thread: I have a question about hacking psp 3000

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    I have a question about hacking psp 3000

    I know you have to be on firmware 5.03. So if I buy a psp 3000 today does that mean its already above 5.03 or do I have to update it to 5.03? My last question is that are all psp 3000 hackable including the bundle ones? I know that psp 2000 had one where its kind can't be hacked.

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    it is unsure wich firmware you got but i think it is 5.03 or maybe higher and yes the psp 2000 has one kind that was unhackable ta-v0.8 mainboard but chickhen works on it but you can't install real cfw from M33 team or so on it cause it makes a major brick on the psp that is unfixable so if you do that you need to send it back but cfw enabeler and the gen firmware works gl mate =)
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