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Thread: CD Drive is broke, Can I use USB to LOAD GAMES?

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    CD Drive is broke, Can I use USB to LOAD GAMES?

    I realize some people have usb and sd back up capabillities and I am interested in converting to that. I have seen some tutorials that show that I have to install a iso loader via the drive to get the usb to work.

    Anyone that could help would be my hero. basically the question is, If I have no Disk Drive can I fully load games through usb?

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    yes you can.

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    How is this Possible if I am unable to load twilight princess in the optical drive. Please help guys.

    Basically I need to know if I can load the homebrew channel with no internet or optical drive.
    So I need to load the channel and my backup / emulators though usb or sd.

    Help please/. I am going to check the thread every few hours

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    You'll need to use Bannerbomb instead of TWP hack. Just follow the directions on it's website then depending on whatever sysmenu you run follow whatever guide you want after that.

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    ok. I just performed an update. now banner bomb should work


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