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Thread: Drivekey Operates So Easily - My 6-Yr-Old Uses It

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    Thumbs up Drivekey Operates So Easily - My 6-Yr-Old Uses It

    After reading the difficulties in softmodding a LU65 serial numbered Wii running the latest and greatest 4.0U or whatever Nintendo could throw out there, I decided that the Drive Key was the way to go.

    Besides this Wii has a 6-year-old as its primary user so I wanted simple. The installation was quick and easy thanks to the videos on the site and even a couple of great photos of which screws to remove and where they were hiding.

    I was a bit anxious as I fired it up. Would the brand new $245 Wii become a "brick"? But alas all functions just as advertised. It loaded the original of Animal Crossing with no worries, loaded Cooking Mama (backup) just as easily. If you have kids using the Wii this is the way to go.

    Now for my Wii, I use the Backup Loader, DVD Dumper and Homebrew religiously so a LU65 will NOT work for this cowboy. I don't know about all that waiting days for torrents to complete, I think I'll stick to two hour DVD Dumps and thirty minutes to burn the disk on the Macintrash.

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    Sounds like you are happy with it. I have two young kids but am having probs with mine playing backups and also with being able to quit a game with auto boot enabled. Gonna create a thread now.


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