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Thread: how do i remove preloader?

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    how do i remove preloader?

    hi,is there anyway to remove or fix preloader ..when i turn on we it boots to preloader i pick system menu,then i get error"could not find hacks.ini on sd or NAND "
    after abit it boots to wii menu like normal.
    i formatted the wii already and hb chan is gone,but still loads to preloader with same error, .wii FW is 3.2u

    what should i try next?

    any help needed

    Edit: NVM i figured it out by reading
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    first of All preloader is designed for firmware 4.0 and higher and you are using it on 3.2 as i know you are getting problem beacuse of this. if not so then just go to preloader setting and check is autoboot set to system menu or to preloader,set it to systemmenu. and save setting disable all hacks beacuse i think you don't have hack.ini on your SD card.

    starfall was designed for system menu 3.2 try that. better to try to install bootmii as boot2 first

    and how to remove preloader just make update with any save menthod
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