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Thread: Motion Plus games

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    Motion Plus games

    Anyone tried Grand Slam or the new Tiger Woods without a Motion Plus? Will they play without the $25 addon, or no? I've read the new Wii Sports will not support a wiimote w/o the addon.. hoping all titles aren't going to be that way.

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    Well if the MotionPlus attachment will give you better control for games, I'm all for it. Plus $25 isn't that bad if it gives you 1:1 control response. I actually bought 4 of these today, I had a discounted ad from Fry's and each one only came out to $17.74
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    I tried Tiger Woods without it. It's still really good in terms of response, I'm finding it's easier to put in the hole than the 2009 Tiger Woods. So yes, you can play TW2010 without it. I've read the same about Wii Sports Resort... hence that I'm going to pick up the attachment tomorrow and then I can compare it.

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    all motion plus games can be played w/out it, but they are better with it! I've played all 3 so far and it does make a difference! Tiger 10 is really good!

    oh and btw if you have a Target close by they are only $20 there!!

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    Tiger woods 2010 and wii sports resort are awsome with the motion plus. I wouldn't pay over $20 for it. Frys or microcenter should have them for around $18. Don't get them online because they just raise the price with S&H.

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    no wii motion+

    these two do not need wii motion plus to work have them both both work fine all teh wii motion + add is more realizim that is all have fun

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    sports resort WILL NOT work without a wii motion plus. All the other games will.

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    hmmm i heard that resort worked w/o wii motion plus it just enhanced the game. perhaps i was mistaken..

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    Well you need it to start the game the first time. I couldn't get passed the screen untill I had motion plus attached. But after you can play without it why would you though? If you spent $25 I guess put it to use. I just hate removing (my wiimote charger)it and putting it back on for only a few games..
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    Yeah for Wiisports Res you need it, for Virtua Tennis I know its optional, I'm not sure about Grand Slam

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