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Thread: Cannot open system menu or homebrew channel from preloader

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    Exclamation Cannot open system menu or homebrew channel from preloader

    hi all
    i am running a wii with v3.2 and v0.28 preloader.
    I tried to do a system update to 4.0 but it said it failed.
    The wii restarted automatically but then it just came up with preloader.
    It couldnt load the system menu saying "Error autobooting system menu! Set UID Failed"
    So i tried the Homebrew channel but that said "Error autobooting HBC. mabye title not installed?"

    i really dont know what to do

    ive tried to boot wad manager from preloader putting its boot.dol in the root of the sd but when i tried to load it, it just comes up with a load of words on the screen

    please someone help me

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    wait home brew has randomly started working again for me after i done a soft reset (turning wii on whilst holding resest button)
    what do i do now?

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    Install IOS30-64-v1040.wad and SystemMenu-v290.wad for pal with wad manager.

    If you cant find those files with google use wii scrubber and extract from

    Then install hackmii_installer_beta2.elf with Twilight.
    Dump nand and archive to pc or disk.

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