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Thread: Ntsc usb loader

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    Ntsc usb loader

    I looked for a thread asking the questions I have, and didn't find any....or if I did I have tried what people suggest and still get nowhere.
    First Problem

    I have to reinstall cIOS38 rev13b pretty much every single time that I want to boot something off of my hard drive. A lot of the time I get the msg that apparently occurs when the hard drive is not compatible, but I have and continue to use the drive after reinstalling the cIOS.....Is it common to have to reinstall this every time?

    I used Crash' kits(I assume people know them) and everything else has worked without a hitch....As long as I leave my wii and hard drive powered on, I seem to be able to boot up a launcher no problem....the second they power right off is when it seems to get rid of what was installed.

    Second Problem

    Patching PAL games to NTSC to be used on my sketchy USB loader...Is it possible and is there a fool proof way??? (the rest of this may be confusing as I am having trouble typing it in anyway I can follow)

    I have used Trucha Signer, Wii Game Language Patcher, and Generic Wii Patcher to try and do this....I have followed the instructions I have and have had some success. I got one game to work today, another to work in black and white, and another to not work at all LOL.....The one that worked without a hitch only had one partition on the disc, so the patching etc was done there. Both of the other ISOs had two partitions, and I was told to do all the fixes etc to the main.dol file of the second this wrong?

    I guess for the second part a few things could help.....a USB loader that forces NTSC on PAL ISOs(not sure if it exists) or maybe another method of patching said games to NTSC.

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    You don't have to patch them.

    Try UBS Loader w/ config and GUI Mod: Configurable USB Loader -

    select the game you want -> press one for options -> set it to force NTSC -> press 2 to save.

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    Awesome thanks a lot....will try that for sure. Now to find the link to the download LOL

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    Awesome, thats the one I got.

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    You're good to use nearly any USB loader short of Waninkoko's 1.5. Most will even store the setting to always force everything to NTSC if you want it to. It wont cause any problems with a game if it's already NTSC and its' easier than remembering what is what.

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    Wonderful....that worked amazingly well!!!

    Thank you VERY much.

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    Not sure if you know....but I have just read in a few places that if the drive is partitioned into FAT32 and the other half as the standard windows drive it could cause issues.....hmmm maybe time to try partitioning the whole 750 gb now as it is supported.

    Thank god I have a new drive I can dump everythign onto.

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    Does anyone have an alternative download link? Every link from is dead.

    EDIT: Never mind, it finally came up.
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    Have you played around with Cios 222 at all?

    I wasn't able to find a great deal about it in English, and don't speak a word of Spanish.....From what I was able to gather it is basically the same as Cios 249 but from a different coder. It apparently allows you to play rockband etc(no clue if it is accurate as I don't have the game. I have it installed currently(only on the first few test runs, and all my loaders appear to be recognizing/booting up my HD now.

    Not really sure why I am posting this here, or anywhere for that matter.....maybe someone knows more about it....if so let me know.

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