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Thread: Drivekey with Version 4.0 Software ?

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    Drivekey with Version 4.0 Software ?


    Ordered my Drivekey today

    Went home at lunchtime and made sure my Wii was nice and up to date
    There was an update and just went ahead and installed it.

    Now i am reading that I may have to go back to an earlier firmware.

    Is this true or will i be able to use my drivekey with a fully updated PAL Wii ?
    How do i downgrade if i need to ?

    Many thx


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    DriveKey works perfectly fine with firmware 4.0. I have a DriveKey modded PAL Wii with 4.0e myself.

    If you want to play scrubbed games, you need to downgrade. Also, I am not sure how well softmodding works on 4.0 compared to earlier versions. But these issues have nothing to do with DriveKey - it comes from the system updates to 4.0.

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    Thx very much for your reply

    Think i was getting mixed up with Scrubbed games and back up games.

    I have since found out that scrubbed games are games that have been reduced in size (Disc wise), is that correct ?

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    Yes, they wouls be handy if your downloading iso's but they only work on softmodding, you are fine with your update.


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