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Thread: WAD installation issue

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    WAD installation issue

    Hello all,

    I did some searching here but was unable to track down a solution.

    My buddy has followed the steps here to the best of his ability. He has made it most of the way but is unable to install the USB forwarder because he can not figure out how to run the WAD Manager 1.4.

    So he has HB installed and has a USB loader running just fine inside of HB. On my Wii I was able to install the WAD manager to create a channel off the main menu.

    Do you guys know what his issue might be? Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

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    My friend figured this issue out. So in case others have the same silly issue I will post his solution.

    During the installation of WAD Manager it asks what version of CIOs is running and he was selecting the wrong version. He tried the correct one and everything is fine.


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