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Thread: Hello everyone

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    Hello everyone


    I've just joined the site - picking up my wiikey-modded wii tomorrow and looking for lots of tips and recommendations for games to play, etc - I've got two sons (6 and 8) who are going to love a play on their first game console, so I'm looking for ideas for games for them to play and this seems the perfect place to start.


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    Good 2 player games are:
    Mario Party 8
    Donkey Kong Barrel Blast
    Mario Strikers Charged
    Carnival Games
    Should keep them busy!
    I don't have torrent site invites...

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    Sonic and the Secret Rings and Monkey Ball - Banana Blitz are also good multiplayer games for kids.

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    And you can also get (loz twilight princess)for you there father to play if you ever get board?

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    Great suggestions - thanks very much. I will try and rent them out first and see what captures the imagination!


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    More for you buddy:

    try to get wii points and you can download almost any classic game from zelda to mega man!!

    if you wan't more just ask buddy

    And thanks for your time

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    Or better yet... get an emulator pack for the Wii and play all those games (that you have already once paid for) for free...
    I don't have torrent site invites...

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    Meh, at 7 bucks a rental, it is smarter to just torrent it. About half the games I have would not have been worth the 7 bucks for the rental... that is just my opinion. If you don;t like the game you still will only have wasted about 50 cents (or less) for a burned disc.
    I don't have torrent site invites...

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    Do whatever you wan't but if you perfer just bying your games tp is good for you and the others mentioned are good for your kids.

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    thanks guys, - I've got the wii and am just setting it up now - I torrented Boogie and managed to produce a coaster with Imgburn - will try again with Nero and hope for better.

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