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    Ca Modchip

    Hello all,
    New to this Wii modding, not sure if this question has been asked before but what modchip does everyone perfer the Wiikey or The Cycolwiz chip. I need some direction before I go ahead and order one.


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    I would go with a Wiikey, updatable firmware making it more futureproof
    I don't have torrent site invites...

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    I'd go with the Cyclowiz, also updatable and works like a charm!

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    I personally have the WiiKey and I find it the best. I suggest you go with WiiKey.

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    I have a WiiKey and it works a treat.

    From reading several posts on this forum though it is obvious both chips mentioned work fine.

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    do you think a beginner would be better with one or the really nervious about this whole soldering thing, and would pay for a service if i could find a reliable/quick one in the states

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    I would recommend paying for someone to fit it for you. Upon receiving the Wiikey through the post I was amazed at how small it is - it is no bigger than 2cm in length.

    Although I have never soldered before so not sure how easy it is to install for someone more experienced

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    wish i paid someone, ive soldered many times b4 but broke something now my wii is off getting repaired and everything seemed to go perfect with the install, till i turned iton to see no video or audio :S


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