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Thread: Anyone else have trouble with burger island?

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    Anyone else have trouble with burger island?

    First tried cios38rev12, now up to cios38rev13b, tried backup launcher gamma w/002 fix, also NeogammaR3, wii is at 4.0u, this game green screens me every time. normally i use forced NTSC on gamma, tried with neogamma with no force, still green screen. anyone else having trouble with this title? Maybe need to IOS patch?

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    Yes, I have downloaded 2 different versions of burger island now and neither works. I tried the back up launcher 002 error fix and it went to load the game after this but it just went to a black screen. The fix worked for all other games I had a problem with except this one.

    Have you tried patching it? I haven't as I really can't be bothered. I have found a game called order up now which is way better than burger island Although it's still bothering me that I can't get it to work.

    Are you using a pal wii? I know that burger island is NTSC AND NOT region free. I noticed that after I had downloaded the game.

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    i got a NTSC wii, game of same region. i tried patching to no avail, still green screened me. i found a thread at gbatemp stating that this game needs the "new" 002 fix, which is necessary in loaders if you have the newest cios38 rev13b. but the neogamma r3 supposedly has the "new" fix, and that still green screened on me, maybe this game is incompatible?

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    I got Burger Island and a few other new games to work in the latest USB Loader GX using cIOS rev 13 (NOT b) and turning on the 002 fix - hope this helps


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