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Thread: Just purchased, Have questions befire it arrives

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    Just purchased, Have questions befire it arrives

    I ordered 3 of these Wasabi DX from -- The ultimate North American Official Source for the New 100% Solderless Wasabi DX mod chip for your Nintendo Wii!

    I am intending on using them in my wii systems. Each Wii is different and here is my questions on each of them.

    My first one is fully soft modded with firmware 3.2u All the ios, updated shop installed, internet browser, gamma loader, starfall , all that .

    Do I need to remove this all before I install the chip ? If so how ?

    Second system. Is a LU64. I installed the homebrew channel, all the ios files the cios fix. but starfall and wii gator fails every time. It was version 3.4u and its currently downgraded to 3.2u. Can this one be chipped after i tried to mod it without sucess I had come here and it said to never downgrade a lu64 serial wii you will definatly brick it. Well mine downgraded and seems to be fine. so maybe i got lucky. But can it be chipped and do i need to upgrade or uninstall anything.

    Third system is still sitting in the box. I am sure its 4.0u Is there anything additional that I will be needing to install into this system or is it ready to rock ? Should the firmware version stay ??

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    Just got my shipment in today. I ordered 3 wasabi Dx from .

    The shipping was super fast.. 3 days from canada to u.s. Massachussetts.

    Only thing is there site states that you get a free screw driver with each order. Limited to 3.. So I ordered 3 chips and only received ONE screw driver. Only got one disk with the software on it also. Just a burnt Verbatim disk copy.

    The packaging was bad. They threw everything into an envelope that looks like it was shipped outta someone's basement. Almost like paying one of your house bills.

    Time to take a stab at hooking this up and installing it.. Will post back with my feedback..

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    I actually just ordered 2 myself (1 is for a friend) and i'm also in Mass.

    I'll be staying tuned to your thread Charlie , thanks


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