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Thread: play pal games on ntsc

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    play pal games on ntsc

    i have the pal version of lego indiana there a program i can use to convert the iso to ntsc and play on the backup loader?thanks

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    Yes there is but you have to remember that converted games dont always work. Actually let me rephrase that. Not all converted games work. Anyways, youll want to download "regionfrii". Youll click on open to load the iso. If the game is pal, it will say pal and show the greatb britian flag and if it was NTSC-J it would show the japan flag. To change the region, go to where it says "new region" and hit the arrow and click on USA then click update ISO. After that is done, youll see the USA flag but next to it will say "gamecode mismatch" That is how you can tell a region was changed. You dont have to save anything, just close the program and burn the ISO. Now to play these converted games in backup launcher, once you click start in the backup launcher channel, hold button 1 to enter configurations. I dont know off hand what the setting is called, but I think you go to configurations and turn the "force NTSC" to on, then click launch game. If the game doesnt work, the game will freeze on a green screen.

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    thanks for that program.ill see if i can find out if there was any sucess running it with that game.does the "force ntsc" hurt the system in any way?

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    no it doesnt hurt the system. Its simply made to force other regions to run at NTSC. Just make sure you first change the region using regionfrii. I actually got a wad (i think from here) thats backup launcher with force NTSC everytime you load a game. If you want it, I can try and find it for you.

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    thanks.yeah if you can find a link too that file that would be great.


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