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Thread: First time Wii-fi

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    First time Wii-fi

    I am getting internet service at my new place friday. It will be first time my Wii will be connected to it too. I have a soft.mod with menu 3.2u. I have installed Starfall, and, generally, followed a lot, if not all, of the advice given in tutorials around here. So, basically:
    What should I expect one I get online?
    Will my Wii try to update itself?
    If it does, what can I do?
    Are there any preparations I need to take?


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    your will will be scanned by nintendo, when they discover hb on there they will send ninjas to murder you in your sleep.

    seriously though, it will ask you if you want to update after the connection test comes back successful, just say no and that will be the end of it. you dont need to worry about auto updating, it won't happen, and you can play all your online games np...just don't cheat!

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    Awesome! Thanks!


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