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Thread: Help with MPlayer CE

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    Help with MPlayer CE

    I downloaded and installed this app basically to play DVD's on my Wii. It does that, but it looks extremely choppy. I mean, horrible. So far we haven't been able to sit through more than 5 minutes of a movie. I am sure there has to be some configuration that I am missing (or something). Any help will be appreciated.


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    really i can play an intere movie and its not chopy or anything and yes im using a DVD. do you have the latest Mplayer .6?

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    I am not sure, I downloaded the version featured on Wiihacks! homepage. Is that version .6?

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    just search the forms for Mplayer CE .6 version

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    Check this link to, it's the latest version of MPlayer CE, just make sure you get the latest cios installer, and the correct version of DVDX for your Wii. Just follow the instructions, they're pretty simple to follow. I have the mplayer ce v0.62 installed, it works great, cant say if a DVD will play but it does play the different DivX, xvid, and avi movies from my 8 GB sandisc thumb drive.

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    Got version .6. It all now works wonders. Thanks!

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    Hi, I've downloaded mplayer v6, the program is loading in black and white and it will see whats on my SD card but not on my usb stick, i've done the usb 2 cios bit, got dvdx and tried both usb ports. Any ideas.
    My main reason for doing this is that my original mplayer started messing would play an entire film perfect then suddenly it began freezing near to the end of a movie and the wii would need resetting. Once again, any ideas would be massively appreciated

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    I couldn't get my USB HDD to work with v0.6 either. I was using Geexbox to load from my Hard disk but thanks to Mplayer CE v0.7 it works great and I can use just one program for all my Mplayering needs.

    You can grab MPlayer CE 0.7 from my Mediafire, just click on my Signature and open the Apps folder, there's also a nifty forwarder for it in Channels.
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