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Thread: Softmooded wii but nothing works

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    Softmooded wii but nothing works

    I am tryto softmod a 4.0 wii. The machine had already been updated from 3.3e. I have installed homebrew via bannerbomb, ok so far. From then on, its gone down hill. Apps that I have on my sd card wont work. For instance, if I try and use isodowngrader the wii just restarts. If I try and load any wads through wad manager I gfet error messages like: installing title..........ERROR (ret= -1035) thats when I try and install IOS16.WAD, if I try and install cIOS249r7, I also get an error but this time the number is (ret=-2011). I am a little worried about trying anything else such as any region changer or preloader, in case I brick the machine. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks in advance guys

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    you need to follow this guide to get a cios on there, then things should start working...


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