Thought I'd make a little check list for those having issues with their backups. If anyone would like to add to this, feel free.

  1. Check Dipswitch Settings. Make sure they are set properly for region and chipset.
  2. Check Diagnostic Light After Install. Red first then solid green.
  3. Update Firmware (1.4B is current as of this post)
  4. Verify That Wii Can Play Original Discs
  5. Use Good Quality Media (Verbatim -R suggested)
  6. Use Good Image Burning Software (ImgBurn recommended)
  7. Burn At 2x Speed (This is a recommended setting, you may be able to burn faster, but try this first.)
  8. Try Burning For Your Region First. (NTSC or PAL. If your T.V. Doesn't support both regions you may have issues.)
  9. Search The Forums
  10. Ask For Help