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Thread: Do I have a "safe" LU64 Wii console?

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    Do I have a "safe" LU64 Wii console?

    Hello, I recently was able to install Homebrew channel on virigin 4.0U Wii system. My serial starts with LU64 but was bought as a Xmas gift last year around 11/08. Is there any utility to tell if the internal hardware has the new chip in it that would block/brick the Wii if I try to do a cios downgrade in order to successully install WADs and use burned backup DVD+R's? My research in these threads leads me to believe that only LU64+ serials store bought at or around 03/09 (and after) are the ones affected.



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    try to hack it as if it was a 'normal' wii and see what happens....most apps won't run on an lu64.


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