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Thread: Wii Motion Plus Controller

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    Ca Wii Motion Plus Controller

    Releases 10 Jun/09 at Future Shop Canada. Wii Motion Plus is a great new addition to your Nintendo Wii remote. This cool add-on snaps into the base of your Wii remote controller to offer more precise and responsive control in 3D space. That means that your golf swings, your tennis serves, and your swordsmanship will be more accurate than ever!

    The Wii Motion Plus add-on uses an accelerometer in conjunction with your Wii sensor bar to precisely track your arm position and orientation, providing you with an unmatched level of immersion. The Wii Motion Plus can render movements identically on-screen with a 1:1 match with movements in the real world.

    Wii Motion Plus is a great way to add even more precision to your Wii games. Wii Motion Plus will be available this June. Itís sure to be a hot accessory this summer, so get yours early!

    *Wii MotionPlus must be used with a Wii Remote, which is sold separately

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    I guess this comes out today (and tomorrow in Canada) if anyone picks one up please let us know if a new update is required for the games (Tiger Woods, Sports Resort, etc.). I want to get one but I want to make sure it will work with a softmodded 3.2u system.

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    is it going to have a slot to plug the nunchuck controll in?

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    are you really calling this a review.
    this is what they put on the back of the box.

    have you played with it?

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    It does require an update that warns any unauthorized software will be removed. I have 4.0 on my system already. Will this update prevent me from reinstalling the homebrew channel?

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    What requires the update? The MotionPlus or the game that supports it? How did the update appear?

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    I am playing Grandslam Tennis on a soft modded console, but dont have the motion plus yet. Wonder if it will work without an update?

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    Quote Originally Posted by thelight1974 View Post
    I am playing Grandslam Tennis on a soft modded console, but dont have the motion plus yet. Wonder if it will work without an update?
    I just bought the Motion Plus controller attachments today to play with Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10. I'm running 4.0U, loaded game with NeoGamma 0.3 and was not prompted to update console.

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    I should be getting mine next week hopefully. I played Tiger Woods 2010 and Virtua Tennis 2009 on 3.2u with no problems. Not sure if the Wii MotionPlus will effect that at all. We'll see

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