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Thread: Do You Know What Kind of WII Modchip THIS IS?!

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    Do You Know What Kind of WII Modchip THIS IS?!

    Hi Gentlemen,

    I just got perplexed for soldering a WII modchip to a WII mainboard. A client gave me his console plus a modchip and asked me to install it for him.

    He urgently needs to get his modded console back and take his flight to spend the weekend with his WII on the beach.

    Unfortunately I had no idea what kind of modchip REALLY this is since there is no trade mark printed on it. I need to have a map for knowing which pins need to be soldered to where on WII's mainboard.

    I don't even know how to search for it on the net. The only thing I could do is to put a picture of it which I have taken just a few minutes ago and ask you gentlemen to help me out.

    I'm in a real trouble.

    This is the picture of modchip's front.

    And this is the back of it

    Thanks an ocean.

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    Well normaly I whould tell you to go introduce yourself before you post this but you have a big prob give me a little bit to think and I mite have a awnser for you!
    Untell this awnser of mine springs up try the following:

    1.Try typing (modchip service reprasentive)in a search collom or (modchip customer line)...(modchip up file)
    and why didint you ask your customer more about the stuff and were got it at and etc,any repair chiper whould know to do that BUT NEVER THE LESS keep trying to see what you can do and find as much modchip deadecated sites you can and copy and paste this same reply/Q

    Sorry i'm not more helpuble for you<

    Normaly I whould tell you witch is witch but sence I don't know the type/number It's to risky I don't wan't to be the one to ruin it all but find as much sites as you can that know about modchips and copy and paste what you did here sence it's ergent copy and past for best fast results thanks by
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    I searched "pic16f690" which is printed on the chip, try that in google. It looks like some wierd home made deal, basically a company makes it based an the specs you give them. It might work, it might be real, then again it might not. I recommend you just ask for instructions from the guy... if he doesn;t have one then just dont do it. It is only like 30 bucks to get a "real" chip, well worth the money rather than taking the risk of screwing everything up with this chip nobody has seen before.
    I don't have torrent site invites...

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    Yeah thats right don't take the risk and if your customer is paying you money to add one get a good cheap modchip add it and problem solved but you mite wan't to tell him first but i'll leave that to you.

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    i have a wii mod chip installed like this in my wii.
    i took some pics i will post them.

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    pin no 789 on ic are connected with FED on mod chip
    1 wire named s in going in reset button.


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