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Thread: How do you play torrents on your wii?

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    How do you play torrents on your wii?

    i am new to this and i just downloaded resident evil 4 and idk the process.....thnx

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    Well it's a long prosess did you download it for wii points or what??only then can I understand and help you>>

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    Burn the unzipped ISO image using any burning software (eg. IMGburn, nero, etc.)
    Burn at low speed maybe 2x or 4x. use any good dvd-r disks (ritek disks work well).
    But you need to have a modchip installed for the games to work.

    Hope this helps.
    Please read other threads in this forum for more info.

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    So that only works if you download an iso form though, right

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    If your download is alot of small files then you need winrar to unzip it first. once unzipped then you should have either an ISO file or .wii file, if you have an ISO file then you just burn it. If you have a .wii file then you need to unscramble it using RawDump 2.0 and it should convert it to an ISO file then you burn the ISO.
    There is more info on burning here -

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    If there is confusion as to what type of file you have just right click the file and hit properties. this will tell you the filetype (extension). if it is a .rar or .r000 .r001 .r002 etc. then it is a winrar file. Just wanted to clarify for those who may not have known how to see a file extension when it doesn;t natively come up as IMAGE.rar but rather just IMAGE

    It is also worth noting that winrar will unpack an .iso file, so make sure that you are unpacking a .rar and not a .iso or else you will have an unpacked .iso on your hands, essentially taking you one step back rather than forward.
    I don't have torrent site invites...

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    do yuo not need a certain disc drive for this?
    i heard you did and now confused :s

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    Nah Use Any writer that burns DVDs.

    I burn mine at 8X never had n e probs
    Stoke me a clipper I`l be back for lunch

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    burn the dvd with nero and its will work fine :)


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    Yep. I burn mine at 4X to prevent DREs, but sometimes I'm impatient and burn at 8X or 16X and they're still good.

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