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Thread: Complicated brick story.

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    Complicated brick story.

    Gave my brother the SD card i have used to soft mod several Wii's with detailed instructions on how to do it. I forgot to factor in my brother's idiocy.

    The mod is a "Wii 4.0 Softmod preloader CIOSCORP HBC" pack i downloaded via demonoid.

    I think he may have skipped the step to apply the Ciosv7.wad with IOS35

    He then proceded onward and finished the install.

    What this left was the preloader was installed with the homebrew channel installed and working.
    But the system menu was corrupted and not working at all. The preloader identifies the system menu as "385" and IOS50

    Thats when i stepped in and clunked around and possibly made things worse. First i tried to downgrade back and re-do the proper process. That didnt work and i ended up with a "error ret 1035" error when i tried to install the ciosv7.wad under Ios35

    I found a solution online that suggested deleting ios249 with anytitledeleter
    it seemed to work and allowed install of ciosv7.wad but still the same result and stuck at the same system menu.

    HELP! I have no system menu but homebrew channel, wadmanager, and preloader seem to be working properly.

    Alternately if anyone is in the Boston area and would be willing to help in person.. i would provide beer.

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    u said u had preloader... this is kinda a stupid awnser but did u try the cIOSdowngrader or anyregionchanger 2 reinstall the sys menue? sorry i really cant think ov anything else

    This time i made sure....

    I'm gonna help you

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    sys menu 385 is 3.4, if you have no luck with ciosdowngrader/arc then try installing 3.4 sys menu wad....i'll see if i can get one with nusd......

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    nusd did its stuff and i now have a sys menu 3.4 ntsc, grab it here if you need it.

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    Whew... looks like that fixed it. THANK YOU... and lesson learned.. if my monkey of a brother CAN screw up a simple thing he WILL screw up a simple thing.... lets hope he does a better job managing people's 401ks

    THANK YOU!!!

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    ACK.. its back to not working. I went through the same process i have done for mine and sevral other wii's. And im back to the system menu simply not loading. Again i still have the preloader and the homebrew channel. This time however the ios is listed as v60 and the system menu is v417. I have tried running the downgrader.. it runs but then when it is complete i get a bunch of "code dump" on the screen and none of the system info has changed in the preloader.

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    you nearly there lol, i think 417 is sys menu for 4.0us....... i think... so if you install the sys menu 417 you should be good to go...

    as for where to find the wad try google, or wait for the man dogeggs to hook you up

    Why are you reading this? its always the same!!

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    ok i am nearly there. i used nusd and got the right system menu. And installed it. it worked. BUT the preloader is gone... and when i tried to install it again i was back to the black screen system menu (and the disc update hack is not applied).

    I am using preloader .29

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    Did you install preloader twice the first time thru HBC then when installed use preloader to get into the HBC and install preloader again then use the menus to set system menu to come on when the wii is switched on
    I think thats what i had to do I'm softmod 4.0E

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    Fixed thanks

    It was a simple snafu with the preloader loading under the wrong ios. It was a simple fix and now my idiot brother is enjoying his hacked wii. Thanks all


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