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Thread: screen goes crazy!!

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    screen goes crazy!!

    I have burned about 5 backups and three of them work but wii fit and moto gp 08 do not
    when i insert these two games in the backup launcher gamma with 002 fix the screen keeps on moving up and down really fast
    i can see the game working but the screen is just crazy
    they are both pal and i am using an ntsc wii so i tried forcing pal 50 and pal 60 but neither of them work

    can someone please help me fix this

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    Well I assumed you tried forcing ntsc?

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    You got it close but backwards. You want to do what you have, but instead force NTSC. That will fix your problem

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    thanks for the advice
    forcing ntsc did work for the moto gt 08 game but it did not work for wii fit

    when i insert wii fit with the default options (i didnt force anything) i get the crazy screen moving up and down
    but when i force pal all i get is a green screen and the wii mote doesnt respond

    i have another question
    what is the vid patch for ?


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